Struggle - Integral Part of our Life

Struggle, Integral Part of our Life, dil, zindagi, dil

Struggle - is a very common word in our life. What does struggle mean to you? Is it something like clearing your mid-semester exams or board exams, or it sometimes means opening a cap of a bottle that is too tight, or is it something like climbing 100 stairs of a temple? 

Basically, when we try very hard to do or to achieve something in our life which is too difficult, then we refer to it as a struggle. Since we are born, we struggle which starts with our cry to come out of our mother's womb and open our eyes, it continues and ends up at our death struggling to get peace in heaven. The struggle is something without which our life is incomplete. 

Our parents struggle to make us stand on our feet, to get us admitted to the best school. Our life is made up of these small struggles. 

Sometimes, people think why there is so much struggle and they are fed up with this struggle. But they don't understand that struggle is like hard work and if we get something without trying hard for it, then it has no meaning and we won't value it. 

I very well know that nowadays everyone wants real-life examples, you won't directly believe or get convinced simply by my words. So, I am going to share my life's struggles with you in a hope that you will understand and value them. 

Being from a middle-class family, is in itself no less than a struggle, especially when you have siblings, you have to fight for clothes, for some or the other thing but at last when we get we do value it. So, the same is my life. I am also from a middle-class family and I have 2 siblings: an elder sister and a younger brother. 

For me, since my childhood life was no less than a struggle, sometimes I had to struggle to clear my exams and get good marks as I used to be an average student, and sometimes I had to struggle to get my parents convinced to get a dress or something to me.

Also, we are 3 siblings, so my father struggled to get all  3 of us educated and get settled in our lives. After school/college, I struggled for more than a year to get a good job as I had pursued my graduation from a so-so college where we don't have campus placements. So I used to apply daily for 10 jobs on various platforms, out of which only 2-3 used to respond. 

Also, I have given around 20 interviews offline and online and finally I landed up getting training from HCL Technologies which too paid for that also I struggled and after that training waiting for 2 months I got my project. And as I said earlier, the struggle is something after which we get what makes us happy and we value it.

I am happy with my work, loving it and I had understood the importance of struggle. But yes I know it's not ended here, there is a lot more to see and achieve for which I do have to work hard and struggle. 

So, guys, my motto to share my own life example is to make you understand the importance of struggle, From birth to death, we struggle, and if we get something without it we won't value it. So never think that struggle is something bad, as times bitter things give sweet results. 

" The struggle is an integral part of our life, never ever get stressed up because of it. " 

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Author: Anushka Aggarwal.

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