True Friend - Hard to find?

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A true friend- who is a true friend? Do true friends exist in this world of selfish people? I know this is a question of many people nowadays till the time they don't have a friend with whom they can be themself and share every feeling whether good or bad.

But do you know who is a true friend? Do you know the definition of a true friend? If not no problem I am here to tell you who is a true friend and as usual will share my experience with you.

Who is a True Friend?

Let me tell you who is a true friend in my words. These days making friends is not a big task whether, in school, tuition, college, or office, it has become very casual. But each friend of ours can't be a true or a loyal friend. Nowadays, many people do friends to fulfill their selfish reasons, and once that is fulfilled they break that friendship. 

According to me, this is not at all good. Why people are ruining this so pure word friendship? There was a time when there were no terms like a best friend, a close friend, or a true friend, a word that exists was a friend because at that time people used to value it. But nowadays, people have ruined the true meaning of friendship. 

A true friend is someone who is always there for us, no matter what. The one who instead of judging us every time for some or the other thing, boosts our confidence, helps us grow, the one who always stands by our side no matter what, even if no one is with us but that one person we will always find standing by our side supporting us. 

But if by chance, we step our feet towards a wrong path, that one person would be the one who will make us understand our mistake and help us step our feet back to the right path. According to me, a true friend is someone with whom we can even share our problems, the one whom we call up first, whether it is good news or bad news. 

A true friend is someone who can make us smile when we are in our worst mood, someone whom we call when we are crying and end up with loads of giggles. For me, this is the true definition of a true friend. Now let me share my experience with you of my true friends.

My true Friends:

As I am an extrovert personality, wherever I go I used to mix up with people in a very short time and make friends whether boys or girls, this is common these days. My parents used to say that you have so many friends, wherever you go you make friends. But even though I have so many friends but all of them are not my true friends and I now know who are my true friends. 

I have 3 true friends, they are someone who was always there with me in my good and bad times, those people are the ones who had always boosted my confidence, and helped me grow. There's nothing that I can't share with them. 

Two of them are my college friends, one of them is "Priya", my craziest friend, I met her in the 2nd year of my college, in the start we were like strangers but soon we spent some time together and became friends and after few months best friends forever, we used to talk a lot during lectures, then at home. She was the one who was always there for me, she never judged me instead she boosted my confidence. 

Another is my "Dil Zindagi" friend, in the start we don't have that much talk, but soon I used to talk to him, he was the one because of whom I can make a step towards my writing passion, I can share anything with him, he never judges me and always guides me on the right path. 

And finally, "Kirti" we met through my training by an accidental call which further became our call to our friendship. For 1 year we couldn't meet because she stays far away from my city. We used to have late night never-ending calls and share everything of ours with each other. 

In my life, there came a time when I was totally broken, and I couldn't share anything with my parents or family. These 3 friends of mine were the ones with whom I shared what I was going through. They were the ones who spent their time listening to me, and my problems whether on call or on chat, and at last, we end up laughing. 

They were the ones who supported me whether, in terms of my career or my passion, they were always there for me. They made me realize my importance and helped me bring back my smile. Today, I can't imagine my life without them, my life is incomplete without them and I would always stand by them.

So if you also have such friends, never lose them as in this world of selfish people its hard to find friends who are always by our side when all our against us.

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Author: Anushka Aggarwal.

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