Life - A precious gift

Life - A precious gift, dil zindagi, dil

What life means to you? To me, my life is very precious, it's my parents / God's gift to me. 

I no matter what live it to the fullest, whatever the condition would be or is, I had learnt to make myself happy on my own. 

I do what I really love to do, may it be anything. Sometimes, it happens that in the rush of our busy lives, we forget to live our life, we forget to smile, laugh, enjoy. In simple words, if I say "We lost our real self ", means what we really were. 

I would like to share my own experience, what I used to be in my Childhood, in my Teenage, and now what I am during my Adulthood. I have experienced these 3 phases and the changes in me during these phases very closely. 

In my childhood, I used to be a very talkative, naughty, fun-loving, free-minded, open-hearted but a little reserved type of girl, at that there were 2 sides of me, one was the silent, innocent girl in the school and the other totally reverse. At that time, I had no fixed friends anywhere, but this thing never affected me, there were times when I used to be alone, even my classmates used to make fun of me but at that time, nothing really mattered to me I used to forget everything and move ahead. 

In my childhood, all our neighbours used to complain to mother that she is very naughty, she never stays at home, we always find her playing with someone control her, at that time I used to play with my street friends for hours, there was no time for me, my mother used to get angry at me, but nothing affected me. 

Soon I entered my Teenage life, study pressure increased, we moved from junior wing to senior wing. Not only this, staying in the same school, many changes occurred, classmates shuffled, new teachers and even friends changed. Then slowly, due to study pressure, I stopped playing with my street friends, I got a little serious, I experienced a total change in my nature, the fun-loving naughty girl has now changed into a serious girl, I had stopped stepping out of my home for playing. Even as a girl, I experienced changes in my body too, and not minor, but some major changes of which I was totally unaware. But as it said, with time you learn, understand everything, and that too happened with me. With time I become more serious about my studies and my career as that was the time. And this way time passed, my schooling ended, 

I soon turned 18. During this time, I had changed a lot, I used to enjoy also along with my studies and my career, but I was a bit careless about myself. 

Soon my college life had started, after entering college I learnt what real life is, the actual meaning of life, before that, I was in a nutshell, with the constant peeps, friends, but here everything was new if it would be the environment, the peeps. 

My college life totally changed me, from a reserved type of girl to a free girl, but I wasn't totally free I used to mostly run after others, I very rarely used to see my happiness. But in those 4 years of my college life, I learnt a lot about life. 

I learnt some life lessons, how to choose people wisely?, and I learnt everything by experiencing some bitter situations. But that never meant that I didn't enjoyed my life, I enjoyed my college life to the fullest. But soon that too ended on a good note. 

My college life ended virtually, due to the pandemic, but still, I never lost hope, I focused on my career, and also I experienced some changes in myself, I started living life for myself, I became conscious of my skin, my fitness, I started working on my nature too and in the struggle for my career, I am now a mature, open-hearted, emotionally strong girl, who is enjoying her life along with her career, I give time to my hobbies too in my free time.

My motive for sharing my personal life experience was to make everyone understand the importance of their life, that life is not only meant for seriousness or only enjoyment.

Everything is necessary for our life but in a balanced way, we should not bind ourselves and with the mere changes in our life, may it be professional or personal. Don't reserve yourself, we all know that these days as everything has become digital education, profession, no one feels like stepping out of their rooms, but I would suggest that daily some time we should give to ourselves because self-love and self-care are very important, and our self-love and understand the importance of our life then only others will.

Author: Anushka Aggarwal.

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