Harassment - More then a Word?

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Harassment - in my opinion - Is a big word that may need to be understood before reaching a conclusion. Why I am saying this? Because you are aware of only one of the meanings word harassment. Don't worry we will go in deep into it in further next few steps.

Before moving further as we know that these days each and every one of you are aware of what harassment is and what measures you should take to avoid harassment.

But still many of you become victims of harassment and end at either harming yourself and suicide or end at keeping silent and letting it go as it is thinking maybe someday it will stop. But let me clear your misunderstanding, you are not correct because this won't end, and harming yourself and ending your life due to this is not the right step of action at all, it simply shows that it was/is your mistake, not the one who's harassing you.

We only suggest you just fight for it, talk to that person whom you trust the most, and trust us he or she will help you out.

What actually Harassment is?

In simple words - When you feel uncomfortable, humiliated, or mentally distressed due to some unwanted behavior of someone maybe it is physically or mentally then it is referred to as harassment. It is of many types, some of them I am listing below:

1. Discriminatory Harassment:

It is basically unlawful harassment at your workplace. This type of harassment in the workplace is directed at someone’s race, age, gender, or some other form of a protected class who is subjected to offensive or intimidating remarks. People need to be really careful today. You can sometimes overhear someone saying these kinds of statements in private conversations. Discriminatory harassments are particularly tricky to navigate, so it is best you get advice from an employment lawyer for their expertise and guidance.

2. Personal Harassment:

It basically refers to passing any type of wrong comments to someone or continuously bullying someone. The victim may be subjected to unwanted remarks, insults, offensive, and derogatory statements. Being constantly put down with condescending statements can all be seen as personal harassment.

3. Physical Harassment:

It basically refers to when someone touches you which makes you uncomfortable or when someone harms you by hitting you continuously. This can also come in the form of violence, both physically and to property. At its extreme, it can even be termed assault. A Person may be physically abused, such as pushing, punching, or slapping as well as damaging things.

4. Power harassment:

It basically refers to when someone makes undue advantage of his / her power and makes their junior feel discriminated. The harasser exercises their power by bullying a victim who is lower on the office hierarchy. In many cases, the harasser is a supervisor or manager who victimizes subordinates.

5. Psychological Harassment:

It refers to when someone tortures you mentally. Sometimes, the harassment can be of a psychological nature and can have a negative impact on the victim. A victim is often put down, belittled, or has to listen to needless condescending remarks that can affect him or her. These negative remarks can be aimed at the victim from both a professional as well as a personal level.

6. CyberBullying:

It refers to when someone tortures you or bullies you on social media continuously. Cyberbullying (Trolling) is also seen as harassment and it is done online. The person doing the harassing can make threatening statements to the victim or spread rumors on social media. This can then spread like wildfire. It can also get out of hand. Now, there is the possibility of others joining in and also harassing the victim. There have been instances when cyberbullying someone vulnerable has led to them taking their own life.

7. Retaliation Harassment:

It basically refers to when a person harasses someone to get revenge for having already filed a complaint against them and to stop them from complaining again.

8. Sexual Harassment:

It basically refers to when someone tries to torture you sexually either by sharing inappropriate content or passing inappropriate sexual comments toward the victim who is clearly uncomfortable and does not want the attention of this nature. A threat of something negative happening is made, such as losing their job or not getting a promotion.

The most common of these is sexual and psychological harassment. Harassment can take place anywhere at your home, your workplace, or between your friends.

Even if there are anti-harassment cells at workplaces still rarely does any case gets registered. Nowadays even doctors whom we say are God for us are becoming victims of harassment. They get mentally harassed by their patient's families and they finally end up ending their life.

Daily, a large number of cases of harassment take place but a very less number of cases get filed in a police station. The reason why most people don't go to the police station and file an F.I.R is their respect and the community, they don't want anyone to know that they are or they were harassed thinking that what the community will think of them?

Even if there are proper laws against harassment, the victim's family gets tired of fighting for justice and ends up taking their case back and the victims never get justice and this story of harassment continues.

We just to say that in each place harassment is happening regularly in any one type of the above-explained. Our only goal is for you to identify them and fight against them or help the needy.
For those who were going through this, our suggestion to you is instead of sitting silent and ending up harming yourself, stand for yourself and raise your voice against that and get those evils punished for their wrong deeds. if no one going to help you, then it is you who is responsible for your own self.

Thanks for reading this blog and we heartily request you to share this information with others so that they could take a stand against this.

Team Dil Zindagi.

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